I like using identity words to describe myself.

Cis woman, asexual, aro spectrum but not aromantic. (The rest of my orientation gets even more complicated, but I’m quite sure I have homo- in my orientation in various somewheres). Relationship anarchist by philosophy, polyamorous by both orientation and practice.

Agnostic theist (which to me means that I have a lack of internal unanimity about the existence of God, but feel that being a theist is right for me regardless of what happens to be true of the universe). Also Jewish.

Neurodivergent. Diagnosed I have autism, OCD, and social anxiety. My biggest remaining ‘what’s going on with me’ is that my emotions work strangely. Alexithymia seems to be accurate if some perspective on the definition is allowed, and I do test for it according to the survey, but it’s not sufficient to describe my particular things. I fully support self diagnosis, though for me personally it doesn’t work very well.

I’m the social justice, anti-oppression type.

I read rationalists quite a bit {comparatively to how much I read things, not to how much other people read things}, often while disagreeing on SJ things and having issue with things for such reasons.

I think a lot. I want to write some of the things I think publicly more often. I have a bunch of things, probably some mix of neurodivergent with just personal, that come up for me with writing. My goal with this blog is to try to facilitate me writing by actively working with/’accommodating’ those things.


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