Some things about my writing

I think a lot. I want to write some of the things I think publicly more often. I have a bunch of things, probably some mix of neurodivergent with just personal, that come up for me with writing. My goal with this blog is to try to facilitate me writing by actively working with/’accommodating’ those things.

Some things:

A really important thing to me in writing is to express the thing I’m trying to express. I’m also what I might call ‘mandatorily verbal’ (‘highly verbal’ doesn’t convey the right thing), which is to say that I don’t actually do all my mental things in words, but words are not only the only way I can communicate at all well, they’re also often necessary for me to grasp things in my own head to begin with. This creates a major problem for me when I can’t find the right word/expression/etc for something I’m trying to express.

  • When I write like this- word1/word2/word3
    or like this- word1/word2/etc
    That means I can’t get quite the right word and am working around it by using multiple words.
  • If I enclose something like this- :something something:
    That means I haven’t been able to find a way to express it right, so I put down the best I had and went on.

I can be really conscious of how the same thing can be interpreted in multiple ways, read differently than it was written, etc (I can also obviously often be as unconscious of it, or of particulars, as generally comes from living in your mind and not in other people’s).

  • When I elaborate at length, put qualifiers in parentheses, etc, this is me trying to be more clear in the face of such issues. I tend to be very conscious of how it’s always both too much and not enough – it already makes my posts different from those of all the people who don’t do this, and there will still always be things that could use this and don’t get it.

  • I don’t like to leave information out. I’m trying to use footnotes more.

  • I tend to have issue where I feel my thoughts must be all together, a post must be comprehensive and polished, etc, to be published. I want work on that. I want to publish more things here that are various stages before that point.

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